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Rhino Painting & Color Consulting, LLC serves clients in a wide radius around Columbus, Ohio. We have an excellent reputation for customer service and receive many referrals from our satisfied customers. They trust us to provide top-notch painting services. Our team is highly skilled, and we offer many extra services that go beyond just painting. We can install fixtures, patch drywall, and even replace boards on your sundeck. Our goal is for you to love the way your home looks, inside and out.

Perfect. Totally professional and awesome job. Went above and beyond. Fixed and correctly installed bedroom light fixture that the contractor before messed up. They see what needs to be done and do it. Totally comfortable leaving my house in his hands. Pricing very competitive. They are a bargain at any price.

Jane R.

From Angie's List

Rhino Painting not only agreed to repair the walls but went above and beyond in helping me with the whole process. Ryan and another gentleman worked with me to cut the holes properly. They helped me fish the wires and then patched and repainted the affected walls when we were done. The crazy part is that they did it for free because we had used them before! Who does that? There is just no way I could have done it without them and I am amazed with their friendliness and professionalism. I just can't recommend them enough.

Claire E.

From Angie's List

Ryan and his team were amazing. True to their word on everything and went above and beyond by cleaning up and painting things that were not on the original estimate. They met our deadlines and came back the next to help move the washer, dryer, and freezer back in. Honestly one of the best contractor experiences we have had this year. I would hire this crew and company again in a heartbeat.

Paul A.

From Angie's List

My wife and I hired Rhino Painting to do an interior painting job for us and we were extremely satisfied. Ryan and his team were excellent to work with. They did a great job of walking us through the entire process and were always available to help with any questions we had. Amelia we wonderful to work with and was a big help in assisting us with our color choices. While the painting job was going on, Ryan and his crew were very friendly and did a great job cleaning up and putting everything back to where it was before. My wife and I both couldn't have been more happier with how the job turned out. I would recommend them to anyone and I look forward to working with them again.

Scott S.

From Angie's List

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